Two female One Nation Jiu Jitsu athletes grapple on the matsThe physical and mental benefits of martial arts make you feel physically and mentally strong and confident. And it’s one of the reasons why women love martial arts! Plus, this strength and confidence gained through martial arts can be a huge asset in your daily life.

Learn Self-Defense

Martial arts teaches you how to handle a potentially threatening situation. Instead of taking a one-day seminar that only scratches the surface of self-defense techniques, women who commit to martial arts training will learn and continually practice effective skills for self-defense. Plus, you’ll learn from experienced instructors who can help guide your training and martial arts goals.

Functional Fitness

Martial arts is not only a great physical workout, but it is also a unique form of functional training. In order to perform the majority of martial arts movements and techniques, you have to use multiple muscle groups at the same time. Training your body to move this way on the mat will help you carry out the activities of your daily life. And you’re also less likely to experience overuse injuries that are common in sports such as running.

Mental Benefits

Not only can martial arts be empowering, but the nature of a martial arts practice also helps women practice mental skills like mindfulness, focus, self-control, discipline, and persistence. These mental benefits can be applied both on and off the mats, especially when faced with challenging obstacles or stressful situations. For example, you can draw on your martial arts experience to approach setbacks with confidence rather than feeling self-doubt or fear.

For women who are curious about learning martial arts while building self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle, One Nation Jiu Jitsu in Smyrna is here to help get you started on your journey. Whether you’re a man or a woman, child or adult, beginner or experienced, contact us today to learn more about getting started.