Ways Training Jiu Jitsu Relieves Stress | One Nation Jiu JitsuWe all experience various levels of stress throughout the day, and it affects us physically and mentally. Stress is our body’s natural response to threats in our environment and keeps us safe. However, our physiology can’t tell the difference between dangerous sources of stress (like a tiger) and daily sources of stress (like traffic).

So how do we manage our stress levels, and how our body responds? It helps to find an outlet. Physical activity is an effective outlet making martial arts a great option. Here are a few ways that your Jiu Jitsu training can relieve stress in your life:

1. Training and Physical Activity

When you’re physically active, your movements set off positive chemical reactions that end up improving your mood and providing some relief from current sources of stress. In addition, a daily workout that increases your heart rate will usually result in better sleep that same night. When you get enough quality sleep, your body can better deal with stress.

2. Mental Skills Training

Jiu Jitsu has several mental benefits and is a workout for your mind just as much as your body. A consistent martial arts practice leads to developing valuable cognitive skills, like self-control, focus, and self-discipline. These are skills that also help you manage stress. Rather than letting stress get the best of you, use your Jiu Jitsu skills to remain calm and in control of your mind and emotions. Taking a breath and thinking about managing a situation will help you get some stress relief.

3. Keep Training Fun

Learning ways to manage your stress through physical training and applying mental skills is great. But there are days when what you need more than anything is taking a break from “life” to do something fun. And, keeping your training enjoyable makes it more likely that you’ll stick with Jiu Jitsu. Yes, you still need to work hard to continue improving your skills. But it’s possible to get better and take your training seriously while having fun. So make sure that you take a break to do something you enjoy, and you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed by stress.

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