While many may believe that making resolutions for the new year is a waste of time, it can actually be very beneficial when applying it to something you take seriously. For those who practice jiu jitsu, this logic could not be more true. To become better at the sport, you have to try harder, and what better way to do that than by setting goals and resolutions to follow? There is no better time to pause, reflect, and improve yourself than with a whole new year ahead of you. Take a look at some resolutions/goals you can start making today that should be followed every day.

Do Something Different

Have you noticed that you have been getting a little comfortable with your movesets? Maybe you are not progressing as much as you would want because you are comfortable with where you are at. If you are really sticking to the idea of change, consider switching things up. For example: if you are better at guarding, try the opposite. Make the resolution to try things you are not used to and that may, at first, scare you a little. You might be surprised by how much you improve overtime by the simple change.

Focus On Yourself

Because jiu jitsu focuses on improvement, it can be easy to get in the bad habit of comparing your progress to others. However, you need to remember that the focus is on improving oneself. Drop the habit of paying attention to others and make a conscious decision to start focusing more on yourself this year. Everyone has a different path to success and if you concentrate on others such as teammates or competitors too much, chances are you won’t make any progress.

Don’t Skip Out

It happens. Sometimes our lives get too busy and the last thing you want to do is put effort into training. One excuse turns into another and the next thing you know, you’re slacking off a considerable amount. It’s different if you have a legitimate excuse to avoid training such as injury or family emergencies, but if you are just putting off practice because you think you are too tired or just don’t feel like it, you have no justification. Make the effort to stop making excuses and head off to training to better yourself. No more skipping out!

Be Healthier

Your speed, strength, and critical thinking skills won’t improve if you are not focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And with the new year being one of the best times to change for the better, consider making a resolution to drink more water, get more sleep, and ultimately live a healthier lifestyle. By taking care of yourself, you will start noticing changes in your training as well as your daily life.

Set Higher Goals

Make this year the best one yet by setting the bar higher than ever before. Some jiu jitsu trainers advise to “stop viewing your goals as finish lines and start seeing them as check points” so you can go further in your jiu jitsu career. You might be surprised by how much you can accomplish by the simple change in mindset!

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