One Nation Jiu Jitsu member standing in rashguard uniformIf you’re an older adult who’s interested in getting started with Jiu Jitsu, you might be wondering if it’s too late. The good news is that Jiu Jitsu doesn’t have any age restrictions. You can get started at any age!

However, learning something like Jiu Jitsu later in life is a different experience. And here are a few things to consider as you get started.

Your Fitness Level and Health

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a consistent workout routine, make sure that you check in with your doctor. Jiu Jitsu is a great way to improve your fitness level. And making an appointment with your doctor ensures that you’re ready to get started and aware of any risk factors.

The Recovery Process

As we get older, our bodies react to physical activity in different ways. One of the changes you’ll probably notice is your ability to recover in between classes. Because it might take a bit longer to recover, make sure you’re getting the most out of that time between classes. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and eat some nutritious foods to help with the recovery process.

Managing Your Expectations

As you get started with Jiu Jitsu, make sure you manage your expectations and stay realistic about your skills and the learning process. You’ll probably notice that some of your fellow students make progress more quickly than others. The best thing you can do is to focus on your own journey and find ways to improve at a pace that makes the most sense for you.

When you’re just getting started with Jiu Jitsu, the best thing you can do is commit to the process and set a consistent schedule for your training.

At One Nation Jiu Jitsu in Smyrna, we aim to create champions on and off the mat. If you’re interested in learning more about our Jiu Jitsu programs, contact us today.