A typical concern for parents when they consider signing their child up for a martial arts program is that they risk the possibility of their child becoming violent. This concern is not without cause, for there have been several popular movies and television shows that depict people with martial arts training as dangerous and harmful to others. Having the skill to injure another person could be seen as beneficial, but also hazardous as well because it can be a catalyst for a child to become a bully.

In a recent study, 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, and physically, which could result in serious consequences. No parent wants their child to be a part of that statistic or cause it, which is why so many shy away from registering for martial arts classes altogether. However, jiu jitsu is not a combat sport that should be avoided, especially if you are looking to avoid the statistics above. Instead, you should look into jiu jitsu to help prevent bullies or bullying.

What Is Bullying?

Before diving into the benefits, let’s take a step back to understand bullying a bit more. For many, it can be confused with “bad behavior.” A child with bad behavior may lash out once in awhile, but bullying is a constant harmful act on a targeted person. Bullying can be verbal (ex: being called insulting names), physical (ex: being hit or injured), and/or mental (ex: making the victim feel as if they are useless). Typically targeted victims are someone who is considered to lack confidence and defensive skills; therefore, they are deemed as vulnerable to the bully.

The act of bullying is a huge issue in society and can lead to even greater problems, which is why so many schools have begun cracking down on the act. However, the administration can only do so much to prevent bullying from happening or even forming. It can still be performed, and when it does, your child should be prepared.

How Jiu Jitsu Helps

Improved Decision-Making Skills

While some see the children enrolled in a jiu jitsu program as kids simply rolling around on their mats, instructors and the kids themselves understand it is a lot more than that. With each move they make, they are using strategic reasoning to avoid their opponent’s move. This new level of thinking passes over into real-life situations when they have to dissect any situation they are faced with to have the most effective outlook.

They can apply this way of thinking to bullying to where they decide rationally about what to do when being bullied. If they are stuck in a situation where administrators can no longer help, they must rely on themselves to make the sound choice about the situation, especially one that might be physical. With this way of thinking developed by jiu jitsu, they can make the right decision and lose the chance of becoming a victim.

Likewise, a child with this skill will not be tempted into being a bully either. They understand the consequences of their decision and will think more rationally as opposed to a bully who acts on impulse.

Builds Confidence

As stated above, a victim to bullying is typically someone who lacks confidence. Thankfully, one major lesson that is taught in jiu jitsu is gaining confidence in yourself. Bullies, who are vulnerable people themselves, will understand that the person with confidence is not a person to mess with. Likewise, someone with confidence does not find the need to bully others. As previously noted, bullies are typically self-conscious people who prey on others to make themselves feel better. With confidence gained through jiu jitsu, this will not be a problem.


Although we all hope that no child is faced in a situation where they need to use force, if a child does happen to be in such situation, they will know how to act. Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches skills kids need to defend themselves from attacks while at the same time keeping themselves safe. The children know that violence is the absolute last option, but if need be, they can use it. Children are provided with the skillset they need to take down an opponent in the least violent way. This way they are not violent; they just use means by force when absolutely needed.

Moral Teachings

Jiu jitsu teaches more than lessons on defensive skills, but life lessons as well. When the children are lead in the right way, they avoid being at risk for being bullied and/or bullies themselves. With their moral compass pointed in the right direction, you won’t have to worry.

Bullying, unfortunately, has been around for several years and still continues to this day. Although we cannot eliminate it all together, we can provide means to end it, one child at a time. If you would like your children to reap the benefits listed above, contact Jiu Jitsu Nation today and get your child registered for our classes. We, like you, only want the best for your child and their future.