Whether you are just learning jiu-jitsu or are a professional, there is always room for error (and that’s okay). Before stepping onto the mat, make sure you are not making these common mistakes listed below.

Bad Posture

In any combat sport, your posture is everything. From the very beginning, you will be taught the proper positioning not just for fun, but to keep you from being imbalanced or submitted. No matter how long you have been training, never forget the proper posture before beginning your match. It could help you prevent any unnecessary injuries or lost matches.

Not Paying Attention to Health

It can be easy to get caught up in hours of training, but it would all be for nothing if you do not pay attention to your health. When your body shows signs of struggling, you need to pay attention rather than pushing through. If not, you could seriously harm yourself. Also, make sure that even when you are not training, you are eating and drinking appropriately. Staying properly hydrated as well as eating the right foods is important when taking jiu-jitsu seriously. If your body is not well, your matches won’t go well either.

Forgetting Defense Moves

Although attacking positions are an important factor when in a match, that is not all there is to jiu-jitsu. Instead, even in the hardest positions, it is wise to remember your self-defense training. Regardless of how long ago you learned them, they are still relevant and important to helping you win and, ultimately, become better in the arts.

“There Is No Room for Mistakes” Mentality

Even the greatest jiu-jitsu masters struggle with this issue. When trying to strengthen your skills, you may feel like you can’t make mistakes in order to succeed. This can be especially true when first starting. However, no matter what stage you are in, it is wise to understand that at some point you will make mistakes. When you do make a mistake, rather than beating yourself up over it, learn from it and grow. A jiu-jitsu master didn’t become a master overnight. Everything takes time and it’s okay to stumble along the way. Just remember to never give up no matter how big of a mistake you made.

Allowing Pride to Get in the Way

Having a large ego when coming into jiu-jitsu is a major mistake. It is not a sport meant to show off your skills and to be the “top dog.” It is, at its core, designed to help you better yourself both mentally and physically. When or if you do win matches during competitions, it can be a good feeling, but that is not all there is to it. Learning to be humble is an important characteristic. If pride gets in the way, it can mess with your skills as well. Once you use jiu-jitsu for the wrong ways, you will never understand its true meaning or power.

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