A group of young Jiu Jitsu students wearing One Nation Jiu Jitsu gearA martial arts student who is coachable has a growth mindset. Coachable students are more likely to continue making progress along their Jiu Jitsu journey. In addition, these students are open to accepting feedback and willing to act on it by changing something about their current practice.

No matter how long you’ve been practicing Jiu Jitsu, coachability plays an important role in your continued progress. Here are three characteristics of coachable Jiu Jitsu students:

1. Continuous Practice

Continuous practice of your Jiu Jitsu skills shows that you’re committed to the learning process. No matter how long you’ve been training, you see the value in always practicing good form in every class or workout. Unfortunately, some students skip out on the skills and drills elements of training to get right into the applied work. But sticking with the skills that build a strong foundation will make you a better athlete in the long term.

2. No Ego

Part of being coachable is your willingness to listen to feedback and act on it. Rather than believing that you’ve learned all there is to know about Jiu Jitsu, you must be willing to put your ego aside and keep an open mind. At the same time, some students hold themselves back from trying something new because they’re afraid of making a mistake in front of other students. Again, put your ego aside and be okay with making mistakes. Set your ego to the side and focus on your own improvement.

3. Values Feedback

Getting helpful feedback from your instructors puts you on the path to improving. If you’re not used to getting feedback from anyone, it can sound a lot like criticism. Criticism and feedback aren’t the same things. Criticism is an unproductive attack, but feedback is meant to guide you in a new direction. Rather than taking feedback personally, see it as an opportunity to grow.

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