An instructor and happy student at One Nation Jiu Jitsu in SmyrnaOnce you start training Jiu Jitsu consistently, you’ll begin to notice the positive effects on your life beyond the mat. And one of the areas of your life that benefits from your Jiu Jitsu training is your career.

Here are four ways to apply your Jiu-Jitsu training and what you’ve learned on the mats to your career or work life:

1. Seize new opportunities.

One way to apply your Jiu Jitsu training to your career is by taking advantage of new opportunities. Jiu Jitsu teaches us to find opportunities and seize them. And this lesson applies to a variety of situations, including professional opportunities. It’s not always easy to act without weighing the risks of chances for success. But sometimes, you just need to take that leap. And Jiu Jitsu can help you practice this process.

2. Better problem-solving skills.

Not only does Jiu Jitsu help you take advantage of opportunities, but it also enables you to develop strong problem-solving skills. While training, your brain is just as active as your body. As you think through strategies to use against an opponent, you’re refining those skills to use later on outside of your Jiu Jitsu training. Sometimes you just need to think through a work problem in a more strategic way to find a good solution.

3. Improved focus.

If you’re like most people, you spend eight hours of your weekdays engaged in your work and career. Staying focused ensures that you get your job done efficiently and stay on top of project deadlines and task completions. Your Jiu Jitsu training helps you develop this attentional focus so that you’re more likely to stay engaged with your work throughout the day.

4. Management of workday stress.

Another benefit of your Jiu Jitsu training related to your career and professional life is better management of daily stress. Regular physical activity is a healthy way to manage your stress levels. Jiu Jitsu is an excellent outlet for what you might experience while sitting at your desk, answering emails. You’ll be able to work through any muscle tension and clear your mind at the same time.

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